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Lactoferrin is available at Parchem!

Mar 20, 2020

by Jessica Howard

Parchem is a proud supplier of many naturally derived nutritional and nutraceutical ingredients such as proteins and peptides, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. We provide high quality raw materials like lactoferrin to product manufacturers in the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industries to help prevent and combat disease.

Lactoferrin is the major whey protein in human and animal milk. It is essential to protecting newborn babies from infection. This bioactive protein has been demonstrated as effectively combatting the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms, such as viruses and parasites. Its applications range from a natural food preservative to a natural antibiotic and antioxidant.

Many recent scientific studies show the benefits of this protein in preventing infections. Extracted from bovine milk and freeze-dried, this organic chemical can be applied effectively for human consumption in both preventive and clinical healthcare settings.

Through our memberships with NACD, SOCMA, and DCAT, our specialty chemicals sourcing experts can respond to up-to-the-minute industry changes affecting availability, international shipping, import/export regulations and legislation. Parchem is FDA compliant and offers Certified Organic and Kosher products in bulk.

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