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Isopropyl Alcohol is Available!

Feb 16, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals has a full service
approach to chemical sourcing that gives customers the ability to find the
products they need, exactly as they need them. Parchem offers Kosher and
Organic grade products sourced and processed through certified facilities.
Isopropyl Alcohol is among our products that are available in Kosher grade.

Isopropyl Alcohol [CAS# 67-63-0] is a colorless liquid that
is miscible with water, alcohol, benzene, ether, chloroform, and most other
organic solvents.  It is flammable and
volatile with a strong odor. Isopropyl Alcohol is produced largely through a
hydration reaction with propene and water.

Isopropyl Alcohol functions as an intermediate, lubricant
and additive, processing aid, and solvent, among other applications. Furthermore,
as a solution, Isopropyl Alcohol exhibits antiseptic properties which make it
useful in the medical field and on the household level for sanitizing purposes.
It also used in the personal care and pharmaceutical industry due to its low
toxicity when compared with other solvents.

At Parchem, we take pride in delivering top quality service
on all fronts – from sales and customer service to regulatory and compliance.
We understand the importance of doing things the right way which is why we are
a member of NACD, SOCMA, DCAT, and the American Coatings Association. As a
responsible distributor, we ensure the proper transport of products throughout our
supply chain.  

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