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Isophthalic Acid is Available at Parchem!

Apr 21, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

Parchem is dedicated to supplying a large catalog of raw and
specialty chemicals to customers across the globe. We stay up to date on the
newest and most useful chemicals in the industry allowing us to lead sourcing
campaigns tailored to our customer’s chemical requirements. Consistent with our
efforts to provide a wide range of quality products, we are happy to highlight
Isophthalic Acid.

Isophthalic Acid [CAS# 121-91-5] is an organic compound and
a dicarboxylic acid formed from the oxidation of meta-xylene. It is a colorless
solid soluble in alcohol, acetic acid, and oxygenated solids. Isophthalic Acid
is produced on a large industrial scale due to its high use as a component of
copolymer polyethylene terephthalate in which it reduces crystallinity.

Isophthalic Acid is used in surface coating resins and
unsaturated polyester resins to improve chemical and water resistance.
Additionally, it has applications as a petrochemical and plastic additive,
especially for bottle resins. Isophthalic Acid is also used in the production
of insulation materials.

At Parchem, we take pride in supplying our customers with
the materials they need at a competitive price. With complete product tracking
and follow up, you can be sure your product is being handled with the utmost
care. We handle various packaging sizes and shipment methods to ensure your
order arrives as expected. To find out more about your next Isophthalic Acid
order, contact Parchem today!

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