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Find n-Propanol at Parchem!

Mar 22, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

As a premier specialty chemicals distributor, Parchem is
dedicated to providing reliable service and quality materials at competitive
prices. With every order, we maintain a personal dialogue with our customers to
ensure thorough follow-up and full visibility. Parchem – fine & specialty
chemicals supplies products across classes and industries. We are happy to supply
n-Propanol to the market.

n-Propanol [CAS# 71-23-8] is a petrochemical and a primary
alcohol otherwise known as n-Propanol Alcohol or 1-Propanol. It is a colorless,
clear, flammable liquid exhibiting a sharp scent similar to that of rubbing alcohol.
It is miscible with water, ethyl alcohol, ether, acetone, and propylene glycol.

n-Propanol is widely employed as a solvent for cleaning and
degreasing. It is found in ink, toner, and colorant products as well as in paints
and coatings. As a green and eco-friendly chemical, n-Propanol is used in pesticides
as an inert ingredient. Finally, n-Propanol is used as a chemical intermediate.

At Parchem, we value honest and reliable relationships with
both our suppliers and our customers. We strive for seamless worldwide
distribution in all specialty chemicals industries. From our Customer Service
to Regulatory to Sales departments, Parchem is staffed with employees who are
knowledgeable and experienced with the chemical industry.  

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