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Find Chloroxylenol, USP at Parchem!

May 26, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, we understand
the value of safety and efficient chemical distribution. With Parchem, you can
be confident that your product will be handled with care at every step of the
distribution process. We specialize in delivering orders to our customers
accurately, on time, and on budget by utilizing our vast network of
distribution partners. Parchem is excited to highlight Chloroxylenol, USP for use in
the Personal Care and Cosmetic Industries.

Chloroxylenol, USP [CAS# 88-04-0] is a chlorinated phenol
otherwise known as Para-Chloro-Meta-Xylenol (PCMX). Chloroxylenol is a proton
gradient disruptor which makes it impossible for bacteria to survive where it
is applied. Due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, Chloroxylenol
is often used in soaps, cream, and ointments. While it is used most heavily in
the cosmetic and personal care industries, Chloroxylenol is also added to
adhesives, paints and coatings, and emulsions to prevent bacterial growth. Additionally,
Chloroxylenol is used in medical settings to clean surgical instruments and to
disinfect skin.

At Parchem, it is important to us to source the perfect
material for your production process. We provide complete follow up and
tracking from the time your product leaves the supplier to the time it arrives
at your facility. As a customer centric business, we will go the extra mile to ensure
our customer’s requests are fulfilled without error for each order placed. For
an incomparable chemical sourcing experience, contact Parchem today.

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