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Cumene Hydroperoxide: A unique organic peroxide with polymerization inhibitor properties

Jan 10, 2013

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Cumene HydroperoxideParchem – fine and specialty chemicals is a leading supplier of organic peroxides and polymerization inhibitors such as Cumene Hydroperoxide. Cumene Hydroperoxide [CAS: 80-15-9] is a colorless to yellow liquid that is a relatively stable organic peroxide. Cumene Hydroperoxide is produced by the oxidation of Cumene as a co-product of phenol. Cumene Hydroperoxide is often referred to as CHP for short; other names include Cumyl Hydroperoxide and the IUPAC name 2-hydroperoxypropan-2-ylbenzene. Cumene Hydroperoxide decomposes fairly easily, producing Acetophenone, Cumyl Alcohol, and Methylstyrene

Cumene Hydroperoxide
is typically used to provide extra stability as a polymerization inhibitor in redox systems.  CHP is also used in the manufacturing of organic peroxides, the production of phenol and acetone, and as a strong free radical source since it contains more than 8.5% active oxygen. This unique peroxide functions as both a polymerization inhibitor and a reagent for the manufacture of other organic peroxides.

Cumene Hydroperoxide is also a strong oxidizing agent, which makes it an extremely valuable specialty intermediate in the plastics and epoxy resin industries. Adding CHP to epoxy vinyl ester systems can eliminate the foaming experienced with methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP), a more traditionally used organic peroxide.  CHP systems also allow for a wide range of gel times followed by a well-controlled cure of epoxy resins.  This allows relatively thick laminates to be made, thereby reducing the risk of the finished resin overheating and warping.

Parchem – fine and specialty chemicals is proud to supply high quality Cumene Hydroperoxide available for shipment in drums and totes in the United States.

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