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Corn seen as new starting material for Chemical Production

Jun 19, 2012

The future of corn is about to change dramatically.  Historically seen as only a food source, the past few decades have proved that corn works as an energy source as well.  Recent studies and research have shown that the future of corn is steering in the direction of corn being used as a source for chemical production. Due to the purity of starches and enzymes that are contained in corn, many new developments in chemical technology and biotechnology have proved these sugars and starches work well to catalyze new chemicals.

Corn as fuelThis particular usage of corn is not necessarily new, however the research and technology now available make it more efficient than ever. Chemical production from corn will prove to be more economical and a more sustainable source than that of the traditional petroleum products.  This will most likely have the greatest effect on products such as resins and plastics, which are typically produced with petroleum.

New and innovative advances in cellulose conversion, in particular the way enzymes and micro-organisms convert corn stalks into sugars and ethanols are fueling this process.  Applying this technology to corn will not only make traditional corn processing more efficient but will aid in production of new products that will come from the corn kernel itself.

The transition over to corn chemistry will lead the way into new markets, with the major ethanol processing plants producing chemicals as bi-products of the ethanol process. Due to these changes, corn processing will now become a more profitable business, offering a multitude of products for a variety of new markets. There are still items that will need to be worked out in order for this process to be complete and efficient. Continued research will need to be done in order to bring this new technology from the lab to launch into the marketplace.

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