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Chelated Minerals for Food & Nutrition (CMs)

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Chelated Minerals for Food & Nutrition (CMs)

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Parchem is proud to be the premier supplier of chelated minerals for food and nutrition in today’s growing marketplace.  Chelated minerals are called for by a variety of industries, especially the food and nutritional supplement markets.  This is because chelated minerals are much more stable than normal minerals and are able to be absorbed by the body in much greater abundance.  Choosing Parchem’s chelated minerals for your formulations will not only lower your bottom line but it will provide the makings for a product of superior quality and nutritional value.

Parchem partners with the most trusted manufacturers of chelated minerals around the world to bring you a selection like no other.  Parchem, a supplier of chelated minerals for food and nutrition, is able to provide the nutrients you need for vitamin supplements, energy bars, nutritional shakes and blends, and many other products.  Calcium supplements, Vitamin C tablets, and Iron-deficiency pills rely on stable chelated minerals for their efficacy.  Parchem’s highly knowledgeable staff will make sure that you receive the right products for your own application in a timely fashion.  It is for this reason that the world’s leading manufacturers of food and nutritional products turn to Parchem for their supply of chelated minerals. 

Our proactive resourcing specialists will provide you not only with the expertise to select the right material for you, but will also provide you with all of the other materials you may need to formulate your product.  Make Parchem your one-stop-shop for chelated minerals as well as any binders or tableting agents you may require.  Many chelated minerals require an excipient or thickener to keep them preserved in foods and vitamins, and Parchem is a proud supplier of numerous materials that accompany and support one another.  When selecting minerals and chelates for your food and nutrition applications, you can rely on Parchem to provide exactly what you need and much more.  


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