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Custom Manufacturing

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Custom Manufacturing

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is the premier custom chemical blending and manufacturing company for any size business.

We have the capability to formulate and produce product at every stage of the process.  Our full-service approach includes sourcing raw materials, laboratory development, pilot runs, and commercialization of any chemical blending project. Whether it’s blending a simple mix of ingredients or performing custom chemical synthesis, Parchem is equipped to work side-by-side with your company to bring your project to fulfillment.

Parchem is an ISO 9001 certified company registered with the FDA, DEA, and TTB. Our custom chemical blending extends to a broad array of industries including pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, industrial manufacturing, water treatment, performance chemicals, oil & gas drilling, and more.

We operate with the highest integrity to protect your formulations and intellectual property, and our experienced team ensures your product is delivered accurately, on time, and on budget. Parchem’s strict quality control systems enable us to offer seamless solutions to proficiently move your product formulation from development all the way through market realization.

Partner with Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals to meet your chemical custom blending needs.

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If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact us at 1-800-282-3982 , or complete the online form.