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Zirconium silicate

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Zirconium silicate


10101-52-7 14940-68-2


Zirconium silicate;Hyacinth; Silicic acid, zirconium salt (11); Silicic acid, zirconium (4) salt (11); Zircon; Zirconium orthosilicate Zirconium (IV) silicate (11)

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Typical Product Specifications


Zirconium silicate is an Occurs in nature as the mineral, zircon Zirconium silicate uses and applications include: Glaze opacifier; stabilizes color shades; used in white and colored glazes for sanitary ware, wall tile, glazed brick, structural tile, stoneware, dinnerware, special porcelains, refractory compositions, epoxy formulations, encapsulating resins; source of zirconium oxide, metallic zirconium, hafnium; inert filler; abrasive; enamels; catalyst; silicone rubbers; foundry cores; in cements; coatings for casting molds; polishing materials; stabilizer in silicone rubbers; cosmetic creams (Europe)
Suggested storage of Zirconium silicate: Store in cool, dry place; keep tightly closed; emits toxic fumes under fire conditions



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