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Trisodium citrate

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Product Description


Trisodium citrate


68-04-2 (anhyd) 6132-04-3 (dihydrate) 6858-44-2 (h


Trisodium citrate;Citric acid trisodium salt; Sodium citrate (INCI); Sodium citrate anhydrous; Sodium citrate tertiary; Trisodium 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate

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HOC(COONa)(CH2COONa)2 (anhyd.), HOC(COONa)(CH2COONa)2 2H2O (dihydrate)

Typical Product Specifications


Trisodium citrate uses and applications include: Buffer; sequestrant in metal plating; in photography; builder in detergents, household cleaners, laundry powders; electroplating; electrodeless nickel coating reagent; removal of sulfur dioxide from smelter waste gases; anticoagulant for blood; buffer, pH control agent, emulsifier, sequestrant, stabilizer, flavor enhancer in foods; stabilizer in food packaging; nutrient for cultured buttermilk; chelating agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, pH control agent in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals; medicine (diuretic, expectorant); in resinouspolymeric food-contact coatings
Suggested storage of Trisodium citrate: Store R.T.
FEMA#: 3026; INS331(iii); E331

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