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Trilinoleic acid

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Product Description


Trilinoleic acid


7049-66-3 68937-90-6


Trilinoleic acid;Fatty acids, C18, unsaturated, trimers; 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, trimer; Trimer acid



Product Specifications


Trilinoleic acid is a 54carbon tricarboxylic acid formed by the catalytic trimerization of linoleic acid Trilinoleic acid uses and applications include: Corrosion inhibitor; lubricant; epoxy curing agentflexibilizer; alkyd resinepoxy ester resin comonomer; polymer building block; in polyamino-amides for PVC plastisols for use as car underbody coatings and in water-solution alkyd resins; surfactant for industrial applications, lubricants; intermediate for manufacturing of soaps, emulsions, ethoxylates, buffing compds., lubricants; emollient, viscous control agent in cosmetics; monomer in coatingssealants; defoamer in food-contact paper coatings; in surfactant lubricants for manufacturing of food-contact metallic articles


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