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Titanium dioxide

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Product Description


Titanium dioxide


1317-80-2 13463-67-7


Titanium dioxide;CI 77891; Pigment white 6; Titania; Titanic acid anhydride; Titanic anhydride Titanic earth; Titanic oxide; Titanium oxide; Titanium peroxide; Titanium white



Product Specifications


Titanium dioxide is a Two crystalline forms anatase and rutile Titanium dioxide uses and applications include: white pigment, filler, opacifier in paints, paper, rubber, plastics, sealants, caulks, pharmaceuticals (tablets, eye use), cosmetics (lipsticks, nail enamels, face powders, eye makeup, rouge); pigment in printing inks, polishes, ceramics; floor coverings; glassware; enamel frits; delustering synthetic fibers; welding rods; pharmaceutical coating agent; sunscreen agent; radioactive decontamination of skin; antiperspirants; in food packaging adhesives; in cellophane for food packaging; colorant in foods, contact lenses, food-contact polymers, paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods; filler in food-contact rubber articles for repeated use; in food-contact textiles


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