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Tetrasodium pyrophosphate

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Product Description


Tetrasodium pyrophosphate


7722-88-5 13472-36-1 (decahydrate)


Tetrasodium pyrophosphate;Diphosphoric acid tetrasodium salt; Sodium diphosphate; Sodium pyrophosphate; n-Sodium pyrophosphate; Sodium tetrapyrophosphate Tetrasodium diphosphate; TSPP


Na4 (PO3OPO3)

Product Specifications


Tetrasodium pyrophosphate uses and applications include: synthetic detergent builder; emulsifier; metal cleaner; viscosifier for drilling muds; deinking newsprint; synthetic rubber; textile dyeing; wool scouring; deflocculant in paper, ceramics, oil drilling; stabilizer in food packaging; water softener, boiler water treatment, drinking water treatment, corrosionscale inhibitor, sequestrant; degreasing agent in metallurgy; sequestrant, dispersant in detergents; dye dispersant; sequestrant, emulsifier, buffer, nutrient, dietary supplement, dispersant, coagulant, cryst. inhibitor, stabilizer, pH control agent, raising agent, water retention agent in foods; buffer, chelating agent in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals (buccals, dentals); in food-contact coatings
Suggested storage of Tetrasodium pyrophosphate: Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight in dust-tight containers; avoid generating mist or dust

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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