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Tannic acid

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Product Description


Tannic acid


1401-55-4 72401-53-7


Tannic acid;Gallotannic acid; Gallotannin; Glycerite; Tannin



Product Specifications


Tannic acid is a Mixt. of organic acids occurring in the bark and fruit of many plants, e.g., oak species, sumac Tannic acid uses and applications include: Mordant in dyeing; manufacturing of ink, imitation tortoise shell; sizing paper; mordant, fixative, printing textiles; tanning; in photography; coagulant in rubber; analytical chemistry reagent; alcohol denaturant; electroplating; deodorizing crude oil; enzyme immobilization; protein adsorption; astringent in cosmetics; boiler water additive (food contact); colorant, emulsifier, stabilizer, thickener, flavoring agent, pH control agent, processing aid, fat rendering aid in foods; clarifier for beer and wine; pharmaceuticals; astringent; minor burns treatment
Suggested storage of Tannic acid: Keep well closed, protect from light
FEMA#: 3042; INS181

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