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Sulfated Castor Oil 70%

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Product Description


Sulfated Castor Oil 70%




Castor oil, sulfated, sodium salt; MONOPOLOEL 100/23; (Hydrolysis products of sulfated castor oil), sodium salts; Castor oil, sulfated sodium salts; Sodium castor oil sulfate; Einecs 269-123-7; Turkey red oil, sodium salt; Sulfonated castor oil, sodium salt; Rizinusl, sulfatiert, Natriumsalz; Castor oil sodium sulfate; Castor oil, sulfated, sodium salts; Castor oil, sulfate, sodium salt

Product Specifications




Sulfated Castor Oil 70% uses and applications include: Acid etching additive; pigment wetting agentdispersant; lubricant, emulsifier for metalworking fluids; textile softenerfinishing oil; defoamer in food-contact paper coatings

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