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Stearyl stearate

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Product Description


Stearyl stearate


2778-96-3 85536-04-5


Stearyl stearate;Octadecanoic acid, octadecyl ester; Octadecyl stearate



Product Specifications


Stearyl stearate is an Ester of stearyl alcohol and stearic acid Stearyl stearate uses and applications include: Emollient, thickener, viscous control agent, pigment dispersant, spreading agent, solubilizer for cosmetics, bath oils, pharmaceuticals, creams, lotions; plasticizer; processing lubricant for plastics; lubricant for metalworking fluids, rolling, stamping and drawing oils, greases, motor oils, extrusion of ceramics; fatting agent in textile and leather auxs.; textile lubricant; in surfactant lubricants for manufacturing of food-contact metallic articles

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