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Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate

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Product Description


Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate




Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate;Borates, tetra, sodium salts, pentahydrate; Boric acid, disodium salt, pentahydrate; Boron sodium oxide, pentahydrate; Tetraborate, pentahydrate


B4O7 2Na 5H2O

Product Specifications


Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate uses and applications include: Source of boric oxide for insulation fiber glass, textile fiberglass, borosilicate glasses; flame retardant for cellulosics; peptizing agent in adhesives; buffer, abrasive in cleaners; wax and oil emulsifier; laundry bleaching agent; ceramic wares; water softener; viscous control; corrosion inhibitor; enzyme stabilizer; lubricant carrier in wire drawing; bonding agent in refractories; metallurgical flux; food packaging; food-contact paper


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