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Sodium sulfide

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Product Description


Sodium sulfide


1313-82-2 (anhyd) 1313-84-4 (nonahydrate)


Sodium sulfide;Disodium sulfide; Sodium monosulfide; Sodium sulfide anhydrous


Na2S or Na2S 9H2O (nonahydrate)

Product Specifications


Sodium sulfide uses and applications include: Organic chemicals; intermediates; viscose rayon; depilatory agent for skinhideleather, in cosmetics; flotation depressant for sulfide ores; hydrometallurgy of gold ores; sulfiding oxidized lead and copper ores; sheep dips; photographic reagent; engraving and lithography; analytical reagent; raw material for Kraft paper production; metal refining agent; reagent for sulfur dye production; sulfur dye reducing agent in textiles; in food-contact rubber articles for repeated use; reaction-control agent in synthetic polymer production for chewing gums
Suggested storage of Sodium sulfide: Deliq.; hygroscopic; air- and light-sensitive; refrigerate

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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