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Sodium aluminate

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Product Description


Sodium aluminate


1302-42-7 11138-49-1


Sodium aluminate;Aluminate, sodium; Aluminum sodium dioxide; Aluminum sodium oxide; Sodium aluminum oxide; Sodium polyaluminate

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AlNaO2 or Na2O Al2O3 3H2O

Typical Product Specifications


Sodium aluminate uses and applications include: Coagulant, flocculant for water treatment; boiler water additive for food processing; color and silica removal; mordant; zeolites; sizingretention aid for paper; textile auxiliaries; manufacturing of milk glass, soap, cleaning compds.; curing agent (tiles); aluminosilicate catalyst raw material; reagent (titanium dioxide post-treatment); buffer in cosmetics; migrating to food from paperpaperboard
Suggested storage of Sodium aluminate: Hygroscopic; may corrode glass; store in an appropriate container

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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