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Sodium alum

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Product Description


Sodium alum


7784-28-3 10102-71-3


Sodium alum;Alum; Aluminum sodium bis (sulfate); Aluminum sodium sulfate; SAS; Soda alum Sodium aluminum sulfate; Sulfuric acid, aluminum sodium salt (211)


AlNaO8S2 (anhyd.), NaAl(SO4)2 12H2O (dodecahydrate)

Product Specifications


Sodium alum is an Avail. commercially as the dodecahydrate Sodium alum uses and applications include: Dyeing; paper; tanning; purifying water; electroplating; production of cement, explosives; hardener; waterproofing agent; catalyst in production of ammonia; textiles (mordant, waterproofing); dry colors; ceramics; paper size precipitant; matches; inks; engraving; sugar refining; food additive (buffer, firming agent, neutralizer, leavening agent); migrating to food from paperpaperboard; medicine; astringent; antiseptic; in food packaging adhesives; in food-contact animal glues; antiperspirant agent in cosmetics

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