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Sodium Zinc Potassium Polyphosphate

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Product Description


Sodium Zinc Potassium Polyphosphate




Sodiumzincpolyphosphate; Sodiumzincpotassiumpolyphosphate; SILANIZED GLASS WOOL; GLASS BEADS, ACID WASHED; GLASS POWDER; GLASS WOOL; GLASS WOOL, SILANIZED; GLASS SPHERES;Fiber Glass Wool;EC 266-046-0; EINECS 266-046-0; Fiberglass; Fibrous glass; Glass; Glass enamel 19 E 110; Glass fibers; Glassy sodium phosphate; Lead borosilicate glass enamel flux; Man-made Vitreous Fibers; Man-made Vitreous Fibres; Phosphorus furnace slag; Sodium calcium magnesium polyphosphate; Sodium calcium magnesium silica polyphosphate; Sodium calcium polyphosphate; Sodium calcium zinc silica polyphosphate; Sodium zinc polyphosphate; Sodium zinc potassium polyphosphate; Synthetic vitreous fibers; UNII-3JRB8A35M0; Fibrous glass; Glass, oxide, chemicals;;Glass;Anhydrous aluminum silicate; Calcined china clay; Fiberglass; Fibrous glass; Glass fiber Glass fibers


O2Si; Unspecified

Product Specifications










Sodium Zinc Potassium Polyphosphate is a Ceramic material containing silica (sand) (75%), soda ash (20%), and lime (5%), often combined with metallic oxides; the blend is heated to fusion temps., then annealed to a rigid, friable state Sodium Zinc Potassium Polyphosphate uses and applications include: Windows; structural building blocks; chemical reaction equipmemt; pumps; piping; vacuum tubes; light bulbs; yarns; fabrics; containers; glass spheres with partial vacuum interior and treated exterior in compounding resins, potting compds., other composites; fibers as fillers for thermoplastics and thermosets, in thermalacousticelectronic insulation, fabrics, carpet backing, reinforcement for cement, tire cord, filter medium, reinforcement in food-contact crosslinked polyesters; grinding aid, dispersant, deagglomerant for magnetic tape oxides, paint and ink pigments, cosmetics, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture products, dyestuffs

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