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Silica dimethyl silylate

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Product Description


Silica dimethyl silylate


60842-32-2 68611-44-9


Silica dimethyl silylate;Silane, dichlorodimethyl-, reaction prods. with silica

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C22H42N2O6 2Na

Typical Product Specifications


Silica dimethyl silylate is a Silica deriv. in which the surface of the fumed silica has been modified by the addition of dimethyl silyl groups Silica dimethyl silylate uses and applications include: Anticaking agent, thickener, thixotrope, rheology aid for plastisol coating compds.; reinforcement for rubber sealants, plastics, adhesives; adsorbent, suspending agent in pharmaceuticals; antifoam, emollient, moisturizer, viscous control agent in cosmetics


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