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Silica, Precipitated

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Product Description


Silica, Precipitated




THE(R) DESICCANT; SILICON DIOXIDE PYROGENE, HIGHDISPERS; SILICON(IV) OXIDE; SILVER NITRATE-IMPREGNATED SILICA GEL; SULFURIC ACID-IMPREGNATED SILICA GEL; SAND; SILICA GEL; SILICA GEL 100;Silica gel;EC 231-545-4; Precipitated silica; Silica gel, pptd., cryst.-free; Silica, amorphous, precipitated and gel; Silicon dioxide; Superlist Names Amorphous silica, Precipitated silica; Precipitated silica and silica gel; Silica gel, pptd., cryst.-free; Silica, amorphous; Silica, amorphous, precipitated and gel; Silica, Precipitated;;Silica, amorphous;Amorphous silica gel; Polyethylenimine-silica; Precipitated silica; Silica, amorphous precipitated; Silica, amorphous, precipitated and gel Silica gel dessiccant

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Silica, Precipitated uses and applications include: Reinforcing filler for rubber goods, tires, adhesives, footwear; carrier, moisture control agent, anticaking agent in pharmaceuticals; abrasive, thickener in dentifrices; facial and body cleansing particles; thickener, flatting agent for controlling gloss in topcoat lacquers for vinyl fabrics and textiles (hunting and ski parkas), furniture lacquers, pigmented metal finishes, auto finishes, incandescent bulb coating; agriculture chemical carrier; antiblock for plastic films; food packaging adhesives, coatings, cellophane, rubber articles; defoamer in food-contact coatings, paperpaperboard; adsorbent, anticaking agent, flow control agent, processing aid for foods (table salt, seasonings, powder sweetener); as aid to convert liquids into powders; absorbent for oils and fats in foods
Suggested storage of Silica, Precipitated: Hygroscopic

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