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Resins, Epoxy, Phenol-Novolac

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Product Description


Resins, Epoxy, Phenol-Novolac




Epoxy-novolac;Epoxy novolac resin; Epoxy-phenolic resin; Epoxy phenol novolac; Epoxy phenol novolac resin; 2-Phenoxymethyloxirane, compd. with formaldehyde Poly [(phenyl glycidyl ether)-co-formaldehyde



Product Specifications


Resins, Epoxy, Phenol-Novolac is a Derived from epichlorohydrin and novolac resins Resins, Epoxy, Phenol-Novolac uses and applications include: Resin for electronic potting, encapsulation, casting, high-pressure laminating, filament winding, coatings, adhesives, food-contact coatings; composite aircraft bodiescomponents; industrial fabric finishes; surface treatment, binder, or adhesion promoter on fiberglass, polyester, nylon, and inorganic mineral filler substrates; baking applications; production of vinyl ester resins; epoxy resin adhesion modifier; viscous modifier for epoxy novolacs and bisphenol A resins


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