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Potassium Silicate, Anhydrous

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Product Description


Potassium Silicate, Anhydrous




Potassium silicate;Potassium metasilicate; Potassium polysilicate; Silicic acid, potassium salt

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K2O nSiO2, n 2.25-3.90

Typical Product Specifications


Potassium Silicate, Anhydrous is a Potassium salt of silicic acid Potassium Silicate, Anhydrous uses and applications include: manufacturing of glassrefractory materials; binder in carbon arc-light electrodes; binder improving rheology of paints and coatings for cementitious surfaces, outdoor and indoor bldg. paints, plasters, primers, industrial construction, insulation board coating; detergent builder for householdindustrial cleaners; catalyst; adhesives (paper tubes, drums); viscous control agent in cosmetics; anticaking agent in foods


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