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Polyurethane Resins

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Polyurethane Resins




Polyurethane foam; Polyurethane foams; Polyisocyanurate resins; Polyurethanes, cellular; PU foam; The following companies react isocyanates or prepolymers with polyols to produce polyurethane foams. The list is incomplete.; POLYURETHANEOLIGOMERS; POLYURETHANEVARNISH;Polyurethane foams;Andur; Curene; Etheron; Etheron sponge; Isourethane; NCI-C56451; Ostamer; Pliogrip; Polyfoam plastic sponge; Polyfoam sponge; Polylurethane; Polyurethane; Polyurethane A; Polyurethane ester foam; Polyurethane ether foam; Polyurethane foam; Polyurethane sponge; Spenkel; Spenlite; Urethane polymers; Polyurethane foam; Urethane polymers;;Polyurethane foam;Polyfoam sponge; Polyurethane ester foam; Polyurethane ether foam; Polyurethane sponge; Urethane polymers

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C3H8N2O; Unspecified

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Polyurethane Resins is a Types include flexible, semirigid, and rigid foams, open or closedcell foams, and highresilience, hot or coldmolded, slabstock, integralskin, or microcellular foams Polyurethane Resins uses and applications include: Foam insulation for thermal insulation, fabricated shapes, pipe covering, void filling, furniture, mattresses, carpet underlays, cold storage applications; flexible foam for cushioning, upholstered furniture, mattresses, automotive engineering, textiles, packaging; rigid foam for furniture, packaging, building insulation, marine flotation, auto components, cigarette filters, soundproofing, transportation insulation; film-former in cosmetics; sorbent material for collection of trace organic contaminants from water


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