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9016-00-6 63148-62-9 INS900a


Polydimethylsiloxane;Dimethylpolysiloxane; Methyl silicone; Methyl silicone resin; PDMS; Poly (oxy (dimethylsilylene)) Silicone fluid; Silicone oil

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Polydimethylsiloxane is a Polymer with silicone backbone (SiO) with methyl groups (CH3) attached; most common polymer in silicone industry Polydimethylsiloxane uses and applications include: Surfactant; emulsifier, antifoam for agriculture, cutting oils, drilling muds, effluents, chemicals, detergents, textiles, abrasive slurries, adhesives, inks, latexstarch processing, pulp slurries, drug fermentations; release agent for rubber, plastics, yarn thread; leveling agent; stationary phase in gas chromatography; antifoam, defoamer, anticaking agent, emulsifier in foods; lubricant, antifoam in cosmetics; defoamer in food processing; food packaging adhesives, coatings, paper; release agent migrating from food packaging; flow control agent, wetting agent, gloss aid, mar resistant aid in aqueous paintscoatings, polishes, cleaners, laundry aids, rubber, plastics, fabric, metal surfaces
Suggested storage of Polydimethylsiloxane: Store in cool, dry place in tightly closed container

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