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Product Description






Polychloroprene;1,3-Butadiene, 2-chloro-, polymers; 2-Chloro-1,3-butadiene homopolymer; Chlorobutadiene polymer; 2-Chloro-1,3-butadiene polymer; Chloroprene polymer Chloroprene resin; Chloroprene rubber; CR; Neoprene; Neoprene rubber Poly (2-chlorobutadiene); Poly (2-chloro-1,3-butadiene); Poly-2-chlorobutadiene-1,3; Poly (chloroprene)



Product Specifications


Polychloroprene is an Unsaturated polymer of chloroprene Polychloroprene uses and applications include: synthetic elastomer for molding, extrusion, and calendering for mech. rubber goods, adhesive compounding, construction, automotive, hose and cable jackets, conveyor belts, closed cell sponge, binder for rocket fuels, fibers; roof coatings; vulcanizing plasticizer for elastomers; latex for textile impregnation, bitumen modification, dipped goods, water-based adhesives; foam for adhesive tape, seat cushions, carpet backing, sealant; in food-contact coatings; in food-contact articles for repeated use
Suggested storage of Polychloroprene: Store in cool, dry place; keep container closed when not in use

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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