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Pentasodium triphosphate

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Product Description


Pentasodium triphosphate


7758-29-4 13573-18-7


Pentasodium triphosphate;Pentasodium tripolyphosphate; Sodium triphosphate; Sodium tripolyphosphate; STP; STPP Triphosphoric acid pentasodium salt; Triphosphoric acid sodium salt; Tripolyphosphate



Product Specifications


Pentasodium triphosphate is an Exists in two crystal modifications, depending on production conditions hightemp. modification (STPI), lowtemp. modification (STPII) Pentasodium triphosphate uses and applications include: Peptizing agent; emulsifier; preservative; corrosionscale inhibitor; in water softening, drinking water treatment; boiler water additive for food processing; softener, conditioner for cleaners, textile processing; starch crosslinking agent; builder, sequestrant, dispersant for detergents; deflocculant for paper, ceramics, oil drilling; dye dispersant in textiles; buffer, chelating agent in cosmetics; sequestrant, pH control agent, texturizer in foods; hogpoultry scald agent; curing agent for processed meats; migrating to foods from cottoncotton fabrics in dry food packaging
Suggested storage of Pentasodium triphosphate: Sl. hygroscopic; store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight, away from incompat. materials, in dust-tight containers; avoid generating mist

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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