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PEG oleate

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Product Description


PEG oleate


9004-96-0 (generic)


PEG oleate;Oleic acid poly (oxyethylene) ester; PEG monooleate; POE monooleate; POE oleate; Polyethylene glycol monooleate Polyethylene glycol oleate; Polyethylene oxide monooleate; Poly (ethylene oxide) oleate; Polyglycol monooleate; Poly (oxyethylene) monooleate Poly (oxyethylene) oleate; Poly (oxyethylene) oleic acid ester


(C2H4O)n C18H34O2

Product Specifications


PEG oleate is a PEG ester of oleic acid PEG oleate uses and applications include: Surfactant for oil spill dispersants; lubricant, antistat in textile spin finishes; emulsifier for metalworking fluids, PVC production; thickener for cosmetics, pigment preparations; emulsifier for pharmaceuticals, paints, emulsion polymerization; emulsifier, antifoam, antistat, lubricant for cosmetics, industrial applications

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