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PEG castor oil

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Product Description


PEG castor oil


61791-12-6 (generic)


PEG castor oil;Castor oil ethoxylate


[RNCH3(CH2CH2O)yH(CH2CH2O)xH]Cl, R alkyl groups from coconut oil, avg. (xy) 2

Product Specifications


PEG castor oil uses and applications include: Emulsifier for cosmetics, pesticides, metalworking fluids, household products, detergents, dye carriers, textile spin finishes; antistat, dispersant, dyeing auxiliaries in textile processing; emulsifier, dispersant, solubilizer in phytopharmaceuticals; solubilizer for vitamins; in food packaging adhesives; emulsifier, plasticizer, lubricant, wetting agent, dispersant, binder, thickener for emulsion polymerization, dry cleaning, leather, mineral oil emulsions, paper industry, wall-tile mastics, solvent emulsions
Suggested storage of PEG castor oil: Store and use with adequate ventilation

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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