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PEG-75 lanolin

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Product Description


PEG-75 lanolin


8039-09-6 61790-81-6 (generic)


PEG-75 lanolin;PEG 4000 lanolin; POE (75) lanolin; Polyoxyl 75 lanolin


RCOOH, R coco

Product Specifications


PEG-75 lanolin is a PEG deriv. of lanolin with avg. 75 moles of EO PEG-75 lanolin uses and applications include: Surfactant, emulsifier, emollient, dispersant, foam stabilizer, plasticizer for cosmetics (antiperspirants, creams, lotions, makeup, hair products), pharmaceutical vehicles, textile processing; solvent, emollient, superfatting agent, conditioner for hair care, skin care, household detergents; solubilizer; wetting agent; emulsifier, emollient, conditioner, superfatting agent, solubilizer, viscous builder, and plasticizer for topical pharmaceuticals


For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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