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Mineral oil

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Product Description


Mineral oil


8012-95-1 8020-83-5 (wh) 8042-47-5 (wh) 39355-35-6


Mineral oil;Heavy mineral oil; Light mineral oil; Liquid paraffin; Liquid petrolatum; Mineral oil, white Oil mist, mineral; Paraffin oil; Paraffinum liquidum; Petrolatum liquid; Petroleum oil White mineral oil; White oil



Product Specifications


Mineral oil is a Liq. mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum by intensive treatment with sulfuric acid and oleum, or by hydrogenation, or a combination; consists of predominantly C1550 sat. hydrocarbons Mineral oil uses and applications include: Protectant; lubricant; binder; carrier; extender; plasticizer, lubricant for plastics; pharmaceuticals vehicle, solvent, lubricant, laxative; cathartic; emollient, antistat, solvent in cosmetics; agriculture; paper; textiles; water treatment; floor treatment; antitackifier, corrosion inhibitor, lubricant, process oil, softener, viscous modifier for metal treatment; foods (mold release agent, formulation aid, sealing agent, glazing agent, binder, defoamer, lubricant, fermentation aid, protective coating for fruitsvegetables); food packaging materials; in food packaging adhesives; in hot-melt strippable food coatings; surfactant lubricant in food-contact coatings; in cellophane for food packaging; in paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods; defoamer in food-contact coatings and paperpaperboard; in food-contact textiles; lubricant for incidental food-contact use


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