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Manganese sulfate (ous)

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Product Description


Manganese sulfate (ous)


7785-87-7 (anhyd) 10034-96-5 (monohydrate)


Manganese sulfate (ous);Manganese sulfate; Manganese (II) sulfate (11); Manganous sulfate; Sulfuric acid, manganese (2) salt


MnSO4 (anhyd.), MnSO4 H2O (monohydrate)

Product Specifications


Manganese sulfate (ous) uses and applications include: Fertilizer additive; animal feed additive; paints; varnishes; ceramics; glassporcelain ingredient; textile dyes; medicine; fungicide; ore flotation; catalyst in viscose process; synthetic manganese dioxide; dietary supplement, nutrient in foods, beverages, infant formulas

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