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Manganese acetate (ous)

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Product Description


Manganese acetate (ous)


638-38-0 6156-78-1 (tetrahydrate)


Manganese acetate (ous);Acetic acid manganese (2) salt; Acetic acid manganese (II) salt (21); Diacetyl manganese; Manganese acetate; Manganese (II) acetate Manganese (2) acetate; Manganese diacetate; Manganous acetate


Mn(C2H3O2)2 4H2O

Product Specifications


Manganese acetate (ous) uses and applications include: Textile dyeing; oxidation catalyst; catalyst in production of purified terephthalic acid and dimethyl terephthalate for polyester manufacturing; catalyst in nylon manufacturing; paint and varnish drier; water treatment; fertilizer; feed additive; in food packaging adhesives


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