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Magnesium phosphate tribasic

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Product Description


Magnesium phosphate tribasic


7757-87-1 (anhyd) 10233-87-1 (pentahydrate)


Magnesium phosphate tribasic;Magnesium phosphate; Magnesium phosphate neutral; Magnesium phosphate tertiary; Phosphoric acid magnesium salt (23); Tertiary magnesium phosphate Trimagnesium bis (orthophosphate); Trimagnesium orthophosphate; Trimagnesium phosphate

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Mg3(PO4)2 xH2O, x 4, 5, or 8

Typical Product Specifications


Magnesium phosphate tribasic uses and applications include: Nutrient, dietary supplement, pH control agent, anticaking agent in foods, infant formulas; dentifrice polishing agent; pharmaceuticals antacid; opacifier in cosmetics; adsorbent; stabilizer for plastics; in food-contact coatings

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