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Magnesium carbonate

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Product Description


Magnesium carbonate


546-93-0 (anhyd) 23389-33-5 (hydrate)


Magnesium carbonate;Carbonate magnesium; Carbonic acid magnesium salt; Carbonic acid magnesium salt (11); Carbonic acid magnesium salt (21); CI 77713 Hydromagnesite; Light magnesium carbonate; Magnesia alba; Magnesite; Magnesium (II) carbonate (11) Magnesium carbonate precipitated

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CO3 Mg

Typical Product Specifications


Magnesium carbonate is a Basic dehydrated magnesium carbonate or normal hydrated magnesium carbonate; the naturally occurring mineral is magnesite Magnesium carbonate uses and applications include: Magnesium salts; heat insulation and refractory; glass; table salt; filler in paper, plastics, rubber; rubber reinforcing agent; fire extinguishant; fireproofing agent; flatting agent in paints, printing inks; polishing compds.; filtering medium; plastics flame retardant and filler; drying agent, color retention agent, anticaking agent, alkaliacidity regulator, carrier in foods; pharmaceuticals (anticaking agent, colorant, buffer, abrasive in dentifrices, antacid); absorbent, opacifier in cosmetics; activator in food-contact rubber articles for repeated use

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