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Magnesium aluminum silicate

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Product Description


Magnesium aluminum silicate


1327-43-1 12199-37-0


Magnesium aluminum silicate;Aluminosilicic acid, magnesium salt; Aluminum magnesium silicate; Silicic acid, aluminum magnesium salt



Product Specifications


Magnesium aluminum silicate is a Complex silicate refined from naturally occurring minerals (colerainite, leuchtenbergite, pyrope, saponite, sapphirine, sheridanite, zebedassite); blend of colloidal montmorillonite and saponite Magnesium aluminum silicate uses and applications include: Absorbent, opacifier, viscous control agent, thixotrope, thickener, viscous modifier, emulsion stabilizer for cosmetics, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, paints, textile finishes, chemical specialties, industrial applications; pigment dispersant; binder for inorganic powder and pigments; emulsifier, suspending agent, binder, stabilizer for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals; disintegrant for tablets; spreading agent for creams, lotions, ointments; antacid; stabilizer for aqueous adhesives

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