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Laureth-3 phosphate

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Product Description


Laureth-3 phosphate


39464-66-9 (generic) 25852-45-3 (generic)


Laureth-3 phosphate;PEG-3 lauryl ether phosphate; POE (3) lauryl ether phosphate; Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) a-phosphono-w-(dodecyloxy)-

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Typical Product Specifications


Laureth-3 phosphate is a Complex mixture of esters of phosphoric acid and laureth3 Laureth-3 phosphate uses and applications include: Surfactant for production of textile and dyeing auxiliaries, antistats, dry cleaning detergents; conditioning base for hair shampoos and hair care preparations; improves dry combability of hair; antistat; corrosion inhibitor; emulsifier; dispersant; wetting agent; in metalworking formulations; thickener and emulsifier for solvents, solvent-aqueous systems, e.g., degreasers, industrial cleaners

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