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Hydroxypropyl guar

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Product Description


Hydroxypropyl guar


39421-75-5 68442-94-4


Hydroxypropyl guar;Guar gum, 2-hydroxypropyl ether; Hydroxypropyl ether guar gum; Hydroxypropyl guar gum

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RO(CHCH3CH2O)nH, R guar gum

Typical Product Specifications


Hydroxypropyl guar is a Propylene glycol ether of guar gum Hydroxypropyl guar uses and applications include: Antistat, binder, emulsion stabilizer, film-former, viscous control agent, thickener, suspending agent, stabilizer, slip agent, flocculant in cosmetics; mineral flotation depressant; textile auxiliaries; viscous builder for oil-well workovercompletion fluids; binder, surfactant, lubricant, plasticizer in ceramics; dry str. and formation aid in manufacturing of paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods


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