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Hydrolyzed collagen

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Product Description


Hydrolyzed collagen


92113-31-0 100085-61-8


Hydrolyzed collagen;Collagen hydrolysates; Hydrolyzed animal protein; Protein, animal, hydrolyzed; Protein hydrolysate; Proteins, collagen, hydrolysate



Product Specifications


Hydrolyzed collagen is a Hydrolysate of animal collagen derived by acid, enzyme or other method of hydrolysis Hydrolyzed collagen uses and applications include: Surfactant, antistat, emollient, film-former, humectant, protective colloid, conditioner, anti-irritant, substantivity agent, moisturizer for cosmetics, skin and hair care, dish detergents; combing aid; emollient, conditioner in pharmaceuticals; dye leveling agent and fiber protectant in textiles; in food curing premixes; in paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods


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