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Hydrogenated vegetable glycerides

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Product Description


Hydrogenated vegetable glycerides


69028-36-0 100684-29-5


Hydrogenated vegetable glycerides;Glycerides, vegetable mono-, di-, and tri, hydrogenated; Glycerides, vegetable oil, hydrogenated; Hydrogenated vegetable oil mono-, di-, and triglycerides

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C12H22O11; C12H22O11 H2O

Typical Product Specifications


Hydrogenated vegetable glycerides is a Mixture of hydrogenated mono, di, and triglycerides of vegetable oil Hydrogenated vegetable glycerides uses and applications include: Emollient, emulsifier, skin conditioner in cosmetics; food emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer; dispersant for coffee whiteners; aerating agent for shortenings; defoamer in food-contact paperpaperboard; viscous modifier for cosmetic emulsions


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