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Hydrogenated palm glyceride

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Product Description


Hydrogenated palm glyceride


67784-87-6 91744-73-9 97593-29-8


Hydrogenated palm glyceride;Glycerides, palm oil mono-, hydrogenated; Palm oil glyceride, hydrogenated

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Typical Product Specifications


Hydrogenated palm glyceride is an End prod. of controlled hydrogenation of palm glyceride Hydrogenated palm glyceride uses and applications include: Emollient; emulsifier, stabilizer, dispersant, opacifier for cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceuticals; dispersant, mold release agent, processing aid, antistat, antifog, lubricant, antiblocking agent for PS, polyolefins, PVC, PU; defoamer in food-contact paperpaperboard; in food-contact textiles; thickener

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