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Glycol stearate

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Product Description


Glycol stearate


111-60-4 9004-99-3 (generic) 97281-23-7


Glycol stearate;EGMS; Ethylene glycol monostearate; Ethylene glycol stearate; Glycol monostearate; 2-Hydroxyethyl ester stearic acid 2-Hydroxyethyl octadecanoate; 2-Hydroxyethyl stearate; Octadecanoic acid, 2-hydroxyethyl ester; PEG-1 stearate; POE (1) stearic acid Stearic acid, monoester with ethylene glycol



Product Specifications


Glycol stearate is an Ester of ethylene glycol and stearic acid Glycol stearate uses and applications include: Surfactant, opacifier, pearlescent, emollient, emulsifier, viscous control agent in cosmetics; plasticizer for cellulose nitrate; lubricant for plasticized PVC; surfactant for industrial applications, pulppaper, pharmaceuticals, metalworking, lubricants, textiles, agriculture, paints, adhesives, water treatment; specialized solvent; pharmaceutical excipient; defoamer in food-contact paperpaperboard

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