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Glyceryl cocoate

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Product Description


Glyceryl cocoate




Glyceryl cocoate;Glycerides, coconut oil mono-; Glycerol mono coconut oil; Glyceryl coconate


RCOOCH2COHHCH2OH, RCO represents the fatty acids derived from coconut oil

Product Specifications


Glyceryl cocoate is a Monoester of glycerin and coconut fatty acids Glyceryl cocoate uses and applications include: Food emulsifier; emollient, surfactant, emulsifier, solubilizer, dispersant, plasticizer, lubricant, consistency agent, refatting agent, skin protectant, penetrant, carrier in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals; in food packaging adhesives and in food-contact textiles; defoamer in food-contact paperpaperboard; in food-contact textiles; emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, emollient, viscous builder in cosmetic creamslotions

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