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Fluosilicic Acid

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Product Description


Fluosilicic Acid




Fluosilicic acid;Dihydrogen hexafluorosilicate (2-); FKS; Hexafluorosilicic acid; Hexafluosilicic acid; Hydrofluorosilicic acid Hydrofluosilicic acid; Hydrogen hexafluorosilicate; Hydrosilicofluoric acid; Sand acid; Silicate (2-), hexafluoro-, dihydrogen

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Typical Product Specifications


Fluosilicic Acid uses and applications include: pH adjuster and fluoridation agent for drinking water; sterilizing agent in brewingbottling industries, glass bottles; wood preservativeimpregnant; hardening ceramics and cements; disinfecting copper and brass vessels; electroplating bath ingredient; manufacturing of aluminum fluoride, synthetic cryolite, hydrogen fluoride; curing agent for bricks, tiles; lead refining electrolyte; mineral flotation agent (phosphate ores); tanning auxiliaries; bonding agent for aluminum foil, stabilizer or preservative in food packaging adhesives
Suggested storage of Fluosilicic Acid : Usually stored in iron containers


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