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Ferrous chloride

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Product Description


Ferrous chloride


7758-94-3 (anhyd) 13478-10-9 (tetrahydrate)


Ferrous chloride;Iron chloride; Iron (II) chloride (12); Iron dichloride; Iron protochloride

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Typical Product Specifications


Ferrous chloride uses and applications include: Coagulant for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, second wastewater treatment plants; reducing agent, flocculant for effluent treatment; odor and corrosion control; phosphate removal; coprecipitation of heavy metals; controls sulfide generation in anaerobic digesters; reducing agent; oil and grease separation; sludge conditioning prior to dewatering; mordant in dyeing; ferrite ceramics raw material; metallurgy; pharmaceutical preparations; manufacturing of ferric chloride
Suggested storage of Ferrous chloride: Deliq.

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