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Ethylene distearamide

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Product Description


Ethylene distearamide


110-30-5 68955-45-3


Ethylene distearamide;1,2-Bis (octadecanamido) ethane; 1,2-Bis (stearoylamino) ethane; N,N-Bis-stearoylethylenediamide; N,N-Distearoylethylenediamine; N,N-1,2-Ethanediylbisoctadecanamide Ethylene bis (stearamide); N,N-Ethylene bisstearamide; Ethylenebisstearoamide; Ethylenebis (stearylamide); Ethylenediamine bisstearamide Ethylenediamine steardiamide; N,N-Ethylenedistearamide; N,N-Ethylene distearylamide; Octadecanamide, N,N-1,2-ethanediylbis-; Octadecanamide, N,N-ethylenebis- Stearic acid, ethylenediamine diamide

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Typical Product Specifications


Ethylene distearamide uses and applications include: Lubricant, processing aid for PVC, PS, ABS, nylon; mold release agent for plastics; peptizing agent and dispersant for technical NR articles; paint raw material; defoamer for pulppaper, water treatment, plastics processing, textiles; viscous control agent; lubricant, slip, antiblock, and mold release agent for plastics, crayons, petrol. products, asphalts, inks, metals, textiles; antitackifier, antiblocking agent, antistat in vinyls, PS, polyethylene, ABS; surfactant-finishing agent; release agent in food-contact coatings; in food packaging adhesives; in paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods; in cellophane for food packaging

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