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Ethylene/MA copolymer

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Product Description


Ethylene/MA copolymer




Ethylene/MA copolymer;EMA; Ethylenemaleic anhydride copolymer; 2,5-Furandione, polymer with ethene; Maleic anhydridepolyethylene copolymer



Product Specifications


Ethylene/MA copolymer is a Polymer of ethylene and maleic anhydride monomers Ethylene/MA copolymer uses and applications include: Binder, film-former in cosmetics; dispersant for detergents, oil-well drilling muds; thickener in textile printing pastes; textile sizes; printing inks; stabilizer, thickener in liquid detergents, cosmetics, paints; water-solution films for pharmaceutical capsules; bondingcompatibilizing agent for substrates, polymers, and polymer blends for paper coatings, wood products, adhesivessealants, plastics (olefin blends and filled olefins); suspending agent; ceramic binders; food packaging; closure-sealing gaskets for food containers

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